Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Why should oil PACKAGING?
8 MAIN reason this business is VERY promising:
(1) required by each person: 1 home  estimate 1/4 litre per day, if there are about 400 home near your live, so 100 liter/ day the cooking oil needed, fortunately if you take surplus only 600 rupiah per pack,,, then about: 60,000 rupiah/ day = 1.8 million / MONTH. Not to mention if you want to supply the other shop near your house or "warung"... increasing sales of course :)
(2) price to compete with bulk oil or "minyak curah", together with a BRAND QUALITY famous ... as famous brands MAHAL with the Brand alone.
(3) more healthy because it is done 2x filtering, while the bulk oil made ​​one time only ... and besides it contains Omega 9 which very YOUR especially good for baby brain.
(4) It is packaged from the factory .... different from the bulk oil affected the oxidation (rancid / moldy) because of the packaging process at the Market, the packaging is also easier in terms of transportation, etc.
(5) Means of investments ..... because if BBM Up ... Cooking oil prices then go Up, different if saving money ... Fuel up .. then the exchange rate to be down.
(6) is the MOST IMPORTANT .... The government will set the Elimination of bulk cooking oil in 2015 (3 years) ... is replaced with bottled cooking oil. then who the agent of the present ... then catch the golden opportunity the future ... who fast, he grabs the opportuniy...
(7) Not only that ... available packages ranging from small packages (220 ml) to large, making it suitable for all societies.
(8) still ......... No more .... the price of bottled cooking oil prices are not regulated by the government,,,, in contrast to bulk oil .....
Like any other business as well ... PLN ticketing services ... WARNET ... PULSE .. etc.
if you lack of capital ... you can be a joint venture with another your friends ...
The bottom line Jadda Man ​​Wa Jada who earnestly Hopefully there is a way.
Hopefully this information opened the door for sustenance. Amin.


  1. Pak Saefudin Yth, mohon dikirim katalog prod, price list dan aturan main menjadi seorang agen ke - supriatna

  2. Luar Biasa Pak..

    Just menambah tali silaturahmi & teman seperjuangan.

    Best Regard

    Bpk. Dian

  3. Pak....
    Tolong kirim katalognya ya trims


  4. Pak tolong info katalog ke email saya

  5. Pak tolong info katalog ke email saya